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The Genesis of Gender, with Abigail Favale

November 21, 2022 OSV Podcasts
Church Life Today
The Genesis of Gender, with Abigail Favale
Show Notes

“There is much in life we can’t control, such as when we are born and where––the family, country, and history we inherit as time-and-place-bound beings. We enter the story of the world in media res. We don’t choose our sex or the path of development it takes. We don’t choose our unique amalgam of qualities and traits, those threads that form the tapestry of personality. We cannot choose when illness and trauma will strike; we can only know that they will. Yet there is one thing we can freely choose––free only because the gentle fingers of God have loosed what binds and blinds us. We can choose to receive all these things as gift.”

So begins the very end of the Genesis of Gender, the new book by Professor Abigail Favale. In this book she teases out the hidden assumptions of the gender paradigm and exposes its effects, but only in light of the Christian understanding of reality, which she opens up as a holistic paradigm that proclaims the dignity of the body, the sacramental meaning of sexual difference, and the interconnectedness of creation. In a day and age when the meaning of sex, gender, the human body, and freedom are more and more uncertain, Dr. Favale has given us a theory that is at once substantive, clear, and compassionate.

Follow-up Resources:

●      The Genesis of Gender by Abigail Favale (Ignatius Press)

●      “The Eclipse of Sex by the Rise of Gender” in The Church Life Journal by Abigail Favale

●      “The Body as a Formed Stream” in The Church Life Journal by Angela Franks

●      “Cultivating Catholic Feminism,” a free, self-paced educational and experiential program from The Catholic Woman, with contant from Abigail Favale

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